Cold Calling - Good method to get existing web pages to get new ones!

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    Hi guys, wanted to share a method that has worked well for me to get businesses with existing pages to order new ones.

    What I did when I started out at the beginning of this year was simply get a local yellow pages catalogue and look for ads that had no web pages, call them up and offer to make one. Obviously nothing special here, so let me get to the good part.

    When I noticed that on each page there is maybe one business with no web page I thought of a good method to get to those businesses:

    1. Manually scrape out domains for businesses that have web pages

    Explanation: Obviously this is work, takes some time, and a catalogue can take a lot of work to scrape thought. However, my hypothesis are that businesses who list in those catalogs generally have money to spend on such things and are easy to talk into doing things, so I assume its worth the time to scrape them out from an offline catalogue rather than going to an online business directory

    2. Organize them

    Explanation: What I do is simply put them in excel (put them in CRM if you want, but they are not even prospects yet) file, go to their web page and find the contact info (phone + email), you can use whois, sometimes you will get the owners personal number!

    3. Send them an QR code linking to their web page

    Explanation: Before we call them we want to make those calls warm calls, not cold calls. This way, before we call we give them free value (a lot of people don't know where to make free QR codes), I usually mention something about smartphones, how they are taking over the world, that the QR codes are becoming so popular and that this one is linking to their web page, etc.
    At the end of the email I add that I will be calling in 2 weeks time.

    Don't expect an answer to your email, assume that 70% on the time the owner has not read the email.

    4. Call them, beat any gatekeeper standing your way!

    Script: "Hello, I'm not quite sure who should I talk to, I sent an email about your web page a few weeks ago..could I talk to someone from management?"

    Explanation: This works perfectly for me! They have no idea you are trying to sell anyone anything, they might think its something with their hosting, a problem that needs to be solved. Also, only a sociopath will hang up or be negative.

    Sometimes you will be talking to the owner straight away, sometimes gatekeeper will give you the owners number, either way you need to use your judgment with the opening line here.

    5. .....

    What you do from here is up to you. I usually find out when the owner/manager has plain to update their web page, put that in my CRM and make sure to follow them up. If they show interest without hesitation I setup a meeting and close the deal.

    The results:

    I have sent only 150 email using this method, but so far I have gotten 6 orders, thats 4% conversation. I also have around 20 companies in my CRM, that are solid leads.
    You can get work for the whole year by simply sending 150 emails using this method.

    Also, sometimes you will get answer to your email. Once I got one world answer "Ok", called the guy and closed the deal. The company has multiple million revenue yearly.

    Final words:
    This method will only work if you use your judgment. You need to use good sentences. Understand that you have to actually make good pages (problem for me...) if you want them to update their existing one. I actually have some clients that use their old one, instead of mine... this sales method is working that good for me.

    Don't forget, if you talk them into a web page, you will have limited time with the company. You cannot expect them to spend 10 hours with you explaining their business to you. You will need to "guess" in a way what they want/need in their web page.

    You also have to understand if this makes any sense in your region. Here, in Latvia, we mostly have small/medium sized businesses where the owner is the manager and deals with this all. Also, people don't receive cold calls or emails daily, so they are more open to it.

    Good luck,
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    thanks for providing wonderful help
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    Great share! I will try this soon. Thanks
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    Great share. I feel offline marketing is always a solid place to attain new leads and clients. There are always businesses and companies looking to expand and grow their presence online, just have to make it easy for them to find you.