cold calling for website creation?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by sm00th, Nov 16, 2009.

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    Aug 9, 2009
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    I have a nice list of potential leads but I have a job and can't really call during business hours. I was wondering is their some service that can do cold calling for me? The contact information on the list is only names/companies and phone numbers... So any suggestions or advice would really help! Thanks in advance.
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    Aug 14, 2009
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    There are no shortcuts, If you cannot make the calls... You will have to Hire a salesperson to call them during the day..

    Pay $12 bucks an hour as a draw against commissions, and have them call from home... split profit 50-50..

    If you want a service to do this, it will cost much, much more...
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    Nov 9, 2009
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    i dont remember
    or partner up with someone here to do it for you..
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    Feb 11, 2008
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    That is the easy part, list of potentials customers are easy to build.

    But cold calling and convincing a business owner to have a website when they still don't have one in 2009, that is harder. More difficult in this economy.

    And if you pay only commission, my experience is that you will get poor quality workers.

    And don't forget that you have to make sure they don't say stupid things because it's your name and liability.
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    When I started my first company.... I had the same :) Cold calling is very very hard part of job, much harder then personal meetings when you are making first steps. You have to get very good salesman to do that or learn, learn and learn while you are calling, calling and calling again to clients :) You will not learn good phone selling in month or two. But you have to start.
    Paying only commision isnt good. You know... You can hire 10 people with poor selling abilities and pay them not much. But what I will do now, I will hire 2-3 better workers and divide by them the same money. You will get sales.
    Hope you will make $$$
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    Tri-Dimensional Importation
    You can hire professional sales people ( alot of them around with the recession aka "man made economic turn down") and set up your program like an affiliate program. Offer them whatever they think they're worth.

    I sit them down show them a website we create ask them how much they can sell it for. Then tell them how much it sells for. We offer to outsource the website for them. Show them how to set up their own business marketing our websites, they collect 100% of the money and pay us for creating the site and then they deliver the site to the owner.

    This eliminates the liability of them using your name, running off with the money, saying something stupid, making promises, etc... We work seamlessly so their clients don't even know we exist.

    All you have to do is set up one site for them for their clients to see what it looks like. The beauty is that you can hire as many as you want and then let them do their thing. HOWEVER, I would tell them what you expect per month in the way of sales such as one sale per week. Otherwise they will never get busy.

    I offer them 35% above cost. In other words for the kind of sites we specialize in creating we suggest they sell the site for $3500 of which they get to keep $1225. Four sales a month is almost $5000/mo. This is something they can get excited about.

    You can't offer them more because if they earn too much then they'll never get started. Weird, right? But you have to keep in mind that people will only earn as much as they believe they're worth. If they earn even one penny more they will self-destruct.

    This pay plan gives them the opportunity to scale their sales to fit the income they believe they deserve whether it's $1225/mo or $12,250/mo. It's up to them.
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    Nov 13, 2009
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    I like this.

    There are a lot of talented sales people out of work. Particularly mortgage brokers and real estate agents.

    You can find them on craigslist.

    Buy a list of businesses from Have your coldcallers contact dentists, doctors, lawyers, accountants...they have the most money to spend. Most will have a website already, so sell them SEO services.