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    Jul 14, 2011
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    Received a strange but funny phone call and thought I would share. :)

    Me: hello? (Pause)
    Me: hello? (Longer Pause)
    Me: hi, who is this?
    Guy: (Heavy Accent) This is Ben Parker from UPS
    "I am thinking this is funny that he would use a name from Spiderman" :p
    Me: UPS huh...what do you need?
    Guy: We want to let you know that you have won a check!
    Me: (Responding Quick) Good, just send it to my address. You have my address right?
    Guy: No we do not have your address. Can you please give it to us?
    Me: Wait, you don't have my address? How did you get my phone number then?
    Guy: I made it up.
    Me: (Slight Pause) You made it up...what? Does this work for you often?
    Guy: Yes, can I get your address?
    Me: So you get people to fall for your con all the time?
    Guy: Sir, you talk too much.
    Me: *laugh* - I think that you called me.

    -hangup tone-

    Pretty funny conversation anyway. :D