cold call and make an easy $100+ a day

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    Can you cold call? If yes, lets make some dough! :)

    Please read the following in point form to get the hang of it.


    1) I will give you a lead list of 200 fort worth plumbers who has NO WEBSITES but only PHONE NUMBERS.

    2) I will give you a well designed highly targeted site like forworthplumbing.c0m, with all the web 2.0 and other cool features.

    3) All you do is, market this ready-made site to them over the phone.

    Depending on your skills and the price we can set, I can pay you a good amount for closing each sale. With the bare minimum of $50 per sale, you can make 100 bucks just for closing a couple sales, while a TARGETED LEAD LIST and a TARGETED SITE provided to you. Usually, you can make a lot more than this.

    ** Fort Worth Plumbers and fortworthplumbing.c0m are examples to explain. I have access to fresh leads from variety of niches and can design quality sites for just about any niche.

    Sales Strategies

    1) $25 per month with $50 setup, site design is FREE
    2) FULLY Free site design with $25 per month cost (Can we charge for 6/12 months upfront?)
    3) $300 per year, all inclusive
    4) $300 One Time WITH ONE YEAR FREE HOSTING, then $10 per month

    Your Experience

    This should be a fairly easy job for someone who has previous experience in a similar position.

    Let's Talk

    Please get back to me if this sounds good to you! ;)

    Good Luck!

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