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    I'm a starving college student with some big aspirations, I started a clothing line last month-I purchased ~50 shirts from a friend's t-shirt shop-Now they are running out and im looking to order obviously larger quantity.

    Are there any websites that take care of shipping, and printing shirts? I'm not looking to make profits yet, I'd rather drive the brand image, then switch to a cheap seller which I have set up for ordering 500+

    They are max 5 colors, generally aesthetically pleasing text, pretty basic in terms of complexity of printing.

    All help is greatly appreciated
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    Check out

    They do full color printing on the front, back, sides and over pockets, zippers and hems. They have a digital printer so there are no screen, set-up or art charges. They will also print as few as one and dropship to your customer.

    They don't advertise it on their site, but they also run

    The prices on that site are for resellers, but you might qualify.

    Good Luck,

    Black Beret