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    can anyobe send me some informative links regarding cloaking .....
    I need to know about it
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    I've a write up I keep on hand:

    Cloaking Links is often mistaken for Masking Links.

    What is difference between link masking and link cloaking?

    Link Masking helps shorten links into a smaller permalink or a permalink that looks as if the page is hosted on your site:
    Masking links also provides technology that helps users iframe 3rd party pages within the permalink structure of your site.
    Depending on the link masker masking can also provided click-tracking opportunities.

    Link masking is a relatively harmless practice that rarely has negative consequence with affiliate program or search indexing providers.

    Link Cloaking is a the tactic of showing spiders (or traffic coming from a specific location) a different destination than you would normal visitors.
    Cloaking is typically used to protect Google from discriminating against sites that have a high quantity or ratio of out bound affiliate links.
    Google is known to penalize sites it perceives as "thin affiliate sites" by deindexing them.

    The are also other reasons for cloaking having to do with the relationship between affiliate marketers and paid traffic & affiliate product providers.
    There are circumstances where the affiliate developer might want to protect his traffic source and his model of lead generation from the company he is working for so the employees of that company do not reverse engineer the process.

    My WP Traffic Tools is a leader in both cloaking and masking tech for the Wordpress CMS.
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