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    Apr 14, 2010
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    How about a website we could set our cloaking links at?

    Basically go to a website and grab code for a cakesliced email submit, then insert the code on our site. Test the email submit, once submitted it will send an email with the referrer info to the email address entered.

    I have live http headers so I can see the referrer, but I keep loading my cakesliced affiliate link and you never know if you mess something up. Be better to enter a fake affiliate offer code and test it with the info sent back to us.

    I have checked my stats at my affiliate, for the most part everything is working, but I do see some links I prefer were not there. Pages I tested. One even was an index in an iframe folder. I use the word iframe for facebook because it is the iframe code. I usually just kill the links I feel I dont want them to see any html. I will just say it was test pages and I always delete my test pages.

    Anyways, any thoughts and what do you guys usually do?
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