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    Hi everyone

    I need this:

    I need to get approved for one PPV campaign, and the company does not acceppt my page as it looks now.

    I will make changes to get approved, but I want to return page on old look after is approved.

    If someone wants to take a look at my page again, after landing page is approved, I wanna send them on the page they are looking for.

    I have php script for cloaking, but I don't understand how to use it.

    I'm looking for someone who can help me with this.
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    Sep 14, 2010
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    I believe u need a re director not cloaker

    Make a wordpress blog or html page to show your ppv company and install this redirector. use wp redirector for wordpress or stand alone for html page .Post banner of your AD in this site.

    Read the instructions in the site below ,hes a bhw member btw so u could find his thread here too by searching for redirector .U will need to make one more page or blog for showing ad to visitors. Just redirect AD posted in 1st site where redirector is installed to your money when your ppv company checks they see only 1st site u made for them but all your visitors see ad in site u want them to.Dont know if this is best way for your purposes (I use this method for cpa and it works 100%)
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    The simplest way is to save your current website on your PC, delete current website from hosting and upload website, which can be approved by your PPV. After approval, just delete that website from hosting and upload original one.

    Don't forget that PPV can ban your account, if your newly uploaded website will brake their terms very seriously (for example malware advertising).
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    Where is the stealth in this? Make the site you want the program to view is good and above board. Redirect traffic to money site (where the sneaky stuff is going on :) ) and your affiliate manager/program/etc. to the good site. a good plugin was already mentioned. The main thing at this point though is getting approved before you even begin. Make sure you know what you are doing and you test the redirect or the PPV company will :smashfrea
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    Find out what the Ip range is the your PPV company is using for all there internal computers. Look in your stats probably pretty easy to spot. copy those ips to your cloaking script

    So any ip that comes in from the PPV company will see one page and all others will see another.

    of coarse if they come in using a home computer, mobile phone etc not listed in your ppv ip range list they will see your real site.
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    You can't do this with cut and paste. The CPV company will periodically check your page. Cut and paste might get you approved, but it's not dynamic enough to help after that.

    A previous poster already mentioned tracking IP ranges. +1 for that solution.

    An easier way, depending on the network, is to add the network's dynamic keyword tracking parameter to your query string. Most of the CPV networks don't fill the parameter when they're verifying your page or checking it later. And it's dead simple to do in PHP.

    The best solution is to combine the 2 and track it in a database. I track every IP address that is the first to hit the page (network verification) and that doesn't include the target pass-through variable. If I'm running an "aggressive" campaign I redirect or modify the content based on IP and query string.

    If you can't do those things then you probably shouldn't be playing in this sandbox yet. Go get some experience before you start jumping into cloaked content without understanding how it works technically.
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