Cloaking / Modifying Visitor's IP Address?


May 13, 2014
First off, sorry if this belongs in the proxy forum and not here. It seemed like my concern in hiding visitors origin is relevant to cloaking.

I don't need to cloak my referral source, but right now my traffic is 50%+ from one IP address. Is there a way to route that traffic through proxies so no one source is more than, say, 5%, without the visitor being aware? I think it must be, but my Google-ing so far hasn't turned up anything useful. Everything I've found is about cloaking referral sources or IP proxy-ing as a user, not auto-proxy-ing visitors IP.
Did u try using cloudflare ? all hits will go through cloudflare proxies eventually if that what u want
Just looking at it, it seems CloudFlare is easily identified via a small set of proxies it uses. Moreover, it still sends the original IP in the header information. I'm looking for something that conceals the original IP completely and (ideally) I could adjust which IP's are used for different traffic proportions dynamically.

I'd be willing to set up my own proxy servers if there were an established way to route traffic through them, I just don't have much networking experience and don't know what the procedure is for something like this.
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