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Cloaking Ideas & Help - Download Offer w/ Icent Traffic

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by wlsigmore, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. wlsigmore

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    I have a advertiser that's letting me send icentive traffic to a paid on download offer with a cpl at 1.50. The offer is masked as if you are going to get a program for some type of fixitpc program but then has you required to download a installation manager using a 'out of date Java' prompt. The installation manager allows you to update and signup for other softwares if you choose so.

    With that said, I have a few good icent traffic sources that since this allows international and local, I can get a good roi and will want to scale. However now I am facing a problem with a source that I already tested (slipped through I guess) on the review side and was wanting some info how I can cloak past the review stage and run the offer.

    The webmaster of the traffic stated I could use paid to signup/download via his, which worked the first time when I did a small test. When I went back to order a larger order, I got a reply saying the offer url is giving "different virus warnings" but I have checked most virus checkers and blacklist sites and can't get the same results. The offer is profitable so far with test uno so Im trying to think of some ways to get it back running. This was direct too with a basic banner ad with get your computer fixed now! type headline.

    Any ideas or suggestions would help out and be much appreciated!


  2. bartosimpsonio

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    The virus warnings may not be virii but general malware. Visit the target domains root site and see if they're not giving the firefox malware red screen.