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    Hey Guys,

    Im looking into various organic cloaking / spinning solutions and would love the communities input.

    Back in 2012 there was a successful campaign in my niche where a competitor has launched a large scale content generating / cloaking system with hundreds of thousands of pages, when a user clicked on any long tale search result, they were re-directed (via cloaking) to his landing page.

    I?m not sure of the details of inner linking between the generated search engine pages, but overall it was effective for a wide range of non-peak keywords.

    This particular campaign ended quickly (not due to its inefficiency) and the links started going nowhere, and eventually were de-indexed.

    I understand there to be a few main levels to a campaign like this:

    1. Content Generation ? Generate many, at least for search engine only, pages (though as far as I can tell, some people simply spin full landing pages)

    2. Links, weather between the sites/ pages, external, or more likely a combination thereof, to become higher than other low baring fruit websites.

    3. If cloaking is used, some sort of fingerprint / ip detecting / list subscription to keep bots and users heading to their destinations

    4. And if cloaking is used, a destination page for users to end up on.

    That?s the overly simplified version of what I understand to be involved in that campaign.
    I apologise for my ignorance on this topic, I ask that you guys bare with me, and help me get acquainted with this.

    Is there a fundamental change in google algorithms that would prohibit exactly the same or very similar approach to work effectively?

    What kind of software is available and what are their limitations?
    I believe shadowmaker used to be considered very powerful (though expensive) is this still the case?
    I have seen some other solutions (some by members here), do you mind listing them, and their specific advantages.
    Is there reason to believe something like this would be less effective today than 2 years ago?
    Are there more managed service providers out there? What can I expect from them in terms of deliverables and costs?

    I appreciate any and all help. Thank you in advance.