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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by eightysixluck, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Mar 29, 2011
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    I tried looking around on my aff website for a way to cloak my aff id but I couldn't find it.. I know how to shorten it using or something. But everytime you click on one of my anchor texts the end site has an obvious id number... at least obvious to me. I did know one of my competitors aff ids and it was his actual username. But I check on him a lot to see how he is doing ;) and now all of his affs are cloaked...

    Second question

    He uses something called All in one SEO pack on his site... I saw that in the source code on FFox. I want to try it because it says ti automatically optimizes your titles and such but it also says that it can help you with advanced options. Is it worth trying out? And will it tell you how to install it on your site?
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    Apr 18, 2011
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    All in one SEO pack is for Wordpress only, if you have a Wordpress site it's a must-have plugin.

    Again, if you use WP - get Pretty Link from wordpress.0rg/extend/plugins/pretty-link/
    I use it and it's like it a lot.
    Good luck!