Client's 'new' webmaster messes up website, how much should I charge??

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by PlatinumPi4u, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Ok here is the deal.

    Client contacts me to finish a website for him. Says the prior webmaster got arrested and has all the pass codes, so I convince the client to register a new domain, and I could copy whats on the old site, and complete it for him.

    I feel bad (my bad) and charge him only $297 since it's already '1/2 way done' however after completion, we do 2 major revisions and I should have charged him $497 but I just let it go.

    Then he wants to do blackhat seo for $200 or $300/mo, but it would be a waste for his niche as he won't get rich off his website, he just needs a web presence. So I refuse, because even if I outsource xrumor etc, he won't see the results he is looking for, and it will come back to haunt me.

    So now I get contacted by the 'new' webmaster who is in the wordpress dashboard, and he is getting 'error 500' server errors when he tries to make updates. I told him I can't be held responsible, just like I told the client. I gave him instructions on how to change what he wants to change, but when I visit the site, it has been stripped down to 2 pages instead of 8 (main page, and contact us page only). The client and I spent hours over several days making the other pages.

    So who do I charge, and how much?

    I have a backup of the site before I turned it loose, and of course it's on my reseller account, so I can roll it back to whatever date if he really did mess stuff up. WWBHWdo?
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    As you already know, you started off too cheap and considering how much time you have invested.....I would charge at least as much as the original site cost and probably closer to double.

    You already pretty much know this business owner is not going to be ongoing get what you can from him and then move on.

    I also think you should have discussed price before you helped bring back the missing pages.....get paid up front in this situation.