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    Jan 16, 2011
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    What I need: A native English-speaking, fairly confident person based in the US who is looking to join an established business. The industry is review management, and I need people making calls to highly targeted businesses to introduce our services and build relationships. I have a solid setup, product, and set price points but I NEED people on the phone.

    What you need: Ability to access Google Drive documents (PC or Mac ok), unlimited phone plan, light-hearted approach to making multiple connections on a daily basis.

    PM immediately for consideration, or post your email and I will PM you contact information.

    Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours - I've been around BHW long enough to see good things (people who are making it, alongside those who are trying to make it) and bad things (scammers, for shame, you're misguided people who believe in zero-sum business) - this opportunity is NOT one of those bad things.
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    I would be interested in this
    Share more details so that I can understand on how this can be done
    I have a friend who runs a call center business so can do this with multiple people all good English speaking people
    skype me at jamesmgr - with your specific request so that I do not miss you