Client data reporting worth? Competition,Backlinks, and citations Plus tons more

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by bhspiderz, May 4, 2012.

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    So I have been playing around with PlaceScout and SEO SpyGlass, SEO RankTracker while I wait on my finishing touches on my GPlaces business to come through..... Holy balls that is some good info. So kind of got me wondering... What is this data worth?

    Basically I run PlacesScout to gather a deep list of businesses in the Google Places based on some keywords. Once I have that list I grad the top positions and run that through citation finder and SEO SpyGlass. Citation finder pulls back the links to areas that the competition uses. SpyGlass is used to get all noted backlinks with PR Link juice worth and some other data with anchor text and such.

    All this together basically gives you a complete overview of what needs to be done to get on first page or even compete with position one in Google places.

    So my question is what would some package be worth to someone in the Google Places business? With me just getting start I see a very high value on such data but for someone that has been around a while it may not be worth much. Would it be a fiverr gig or tenbux or even more than that? Like I said I am just tossing some ideas out to bide my time. All the data that I am looking at I would personally feel fine paying $25 to $35 pending the competition keyword.
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    I think it depends... If you know how to make the most of these tools and use them to the max, and you are good at other aspects of the biz you're running, then you may even feel they're underpriced. I often feel that way about Spyglass and Rank Tracker, because sometimes I use them for radically different things, like Local SEO, images optimization, social media promotion (Spyglass can look for blog and forum links, for example). So, it depends.

    I've seen people who don't know how to use the software, don't even bother to read or watch a tutorial, and then they say the tool is overpriced. Also, I've seen people not knowing what to do with the data they get. So, everything depends on one's level of expertise.

    One person can turn $200 into a fortune, while the other person will just blow it.