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Clicky Vs Metrica.Yandex Vs Statcounter

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Ghoro, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Ghoro

    Ghoro Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2012
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    Hello, I have been searching on these forums and else where for awhile and I am currently stuck on which site tracking tool to use. At this point I'm down to Clicky, Metrica.Yandex or Statcounter.

    At first I was just going to go with Statcounter, but then I found this thread on here http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/719858-statcounter-how-rude.html talking about how they add anchor-text-links in their tracking code. Of course just from reading the thread I see how I can easily remove the anchor-text-links in their tracking code, but it still turned me a bit off.

    Clicky from what I can see looks good, but I seem to find some conflicting opinions as to just how well it works.

    And for Metrica.Yandex I guess I'm mainly just confused. It seems great, looks like it has all the same features as the other 2 with a few more like WebVisor. However what confuses me is the fact it's 100% free. Which is great, just not sure what Yandex is getting out of giving all this away for free.

    I do like that Clicky and Statcounter do have a API, although I haven't looked to much in to them to see what you can really do with it.

    I know Piwik is also highly recommended, but it sounds like it can be very demanding to run and would need separate hosting just for it.

    So what are your guys opinions on all 3? Is there any key features that pushes one over the others? Or one that just works better? Or in the end they are all about the same?