Clicksor accepts Warez?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by aman111, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Jul 29, 2009
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    I applied to clicksor as a publisher and got approved by them. :D

    But when i was signing in i saw:

    But my site is a warez one & even though i got approved. :confused:

    Should i continue working with Clicksor????
    Coz i don't want to get banned after earning some few bucks with them. :eek:
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    I recently applied for and wast accepted for Clicksor for my small press book publishing business. They said even though I didn't meet all of their requirements (traffic) they said I could run popunders because they wanted to grow my business with them. In 2 weeks I could apply for other advertising options.

    I installed the code and thought things were great. HA! The popunders were making it impossible for people to see the page. So, yesterday I decided I would go through and see for myself and reconfigure things.

    None of you will ever guess what happened next....

    While on my own personal business site I Trojan virus alert went of. At the same time my computer was struggling to open the popunder as well as some other type of inline type ad. I told my anti-virus software to delete the file. My computer was basically non responsive by this time and I had to power off. I rebooted and I got a notification that there was some kind of security in place that was stopping the computer from running and it would shut down.

    It wouldn't even boot into safe mode (to a prompt). I booted again and let the error come up. There was an option that said now what. I clicked that and it brought up the internal Windows help functions. From there I figured out how to take and make it to the internet. This is the one time I was grateful that MS had tied itself together with accessing the internet. I downloaded TrendMicro's House Call and ran it. I had 2 viruses and 3 Trojan horses. The software removed the viruses and needed to reboot to clean the Trojans. I couldn't get it to reboot so I had to power off. The laptop was booted again and worked.

    Late last night my daughter was using the laptop and it BSOD and would not boot to any form of safe mode. The fix was a safe install of XP Home. I was scared big time because my entire publishing business is on my laptop.

    This morning I wrote my account manager and told her I was no longer going to run the popunders because of the malicious script that is being served up. I even offered her my resume as proof that I know what I was talking about and I still have not heard a word from Clicksor.

    Bottom - I would be very cautious when dealing with Clicksor.
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    May 14, 2009
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    i'm running them on a free download music website and it's all good
    i've been getting money in paypal 2 times until now
    so...for me it's all good