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    Jan 6, 2015
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    Hello everyone

    I start to promote clickbank products couple month ago. I promote products by mail list build it in years and get good traffic from it but i not had much sales from it.

    right now i us direct link to the product website when i start to search why i not had good sales from my mail list. i try to act like customer.

    I click on my affiliate link and keep it open and open new google tab and start find some review about that product to find out if it good or not.

    I find most of review website put frame into review page for the product website.

    i close the review tab and go back to the first tab i was open from my affiliate link and start make order then i find my affiliate username at bottom was change but my username still showed in the URL.

    my questions is.

    There is any cookies cheating over there ?
    clickbank TOS even allow frames ?
    why my affiliate username was change at bottom and not change in the browser URL ?

    I hope find some answers.

    Thank you.
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