ClickBank + Youtube + SEO : Something Wrong ?

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    Good Morning BHW members.

    I tried to work with Youtube to promote CB products.

    I choosed i health product and i create a short video (Photoshop captures + Good description + Background music from Youtube library), video duration is 1min34s and the quality is HD 1080p.

    I uploaded the video on youtube and i tried to rank it by a keyword with 6600 monthly searchs.
    I mad the keyword on the title, the description and in the tags.

    I buyed 6000 views + 50 likes
    I buyed also a gig with 40 Edu/Gov backlinks + 1500 ******** backlinks from fiverr

    After 1 month, today the video has 6115 views + 220 likes + 3 comments
    But the video is not yet ranked in the first page of google. The video is ranked in the last place of the 1st page of google just when i make a search by video in google with my keyword. (PS : There is no video with my keyword in the title).

    So... There is any step(s) of Youtube SEO that i'm not respecting ??

    Waiting your suggestion plz
    Thank You
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    How many keywords did you use?
    You have to use 4-5 keywords for a video. I think you have to work little more for getting mor ranking of video. You have to post your video on other places like Youtube.
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    Did you check your purchased bavklinks for trust flow or spam score? Most (read as all) fiverr gig are spamming linkto spam sites. Those should not be used to link directly to your money site\ video. Those should at best be point to a link that is pointing to a link that is pointing to a blog or something good that you hopefully own, that then points to your video. (Aka a Tier 3 link)
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    NE US

    Do NOT, I repeat NOT make videos this way. You said photoshop captures + background music.

    But you left out the MOST IMPORTANT PART = YOUR SCRIPT.

    I have 3 years experience with YT+CB. If all you did was round up some photos and music I'll bet $100 right now your video doesn't get 1 sale. And I don't understand why this is so hard for marketer to understand. People go to YT to watch VIDEOS. Not slideshows. They wanna hear a >>>VOICE. You don't need someone standing in front of the camera but the *least* you need is a voiceover.

    Furthermore,knowing how to sell CB products on YT requires a good deal of experience...

    1) You write a great script that's 90% story telling and 10% about the product. You create a fake character, personality, life event... you write down and work out all the specific details that make people believe the story (like supporting subplots and sideplots). Then you use emotional triggers from the story to casually position the product. If you presell the product properly (through the story) you shouldn't mention the actual product name more than 2-3 times. You really need to learn copywriting. The form of selling the works best on YT is"takeaway selling." There's direct selling where you just pitch the hell out of a product. Which will get your videos disliked / banned on YT unless you've been selling your whole life and know your stuff. So instead you PULL people towards the sale. Using the story as bait.

    2)Recording scripts to voiceover audio format takes more skill than merely writing a great script. In sales 93% of communication is done nonverbally. Things like congruence, enthusiasm, the tone (emotion) in your voice, pacing, pattern interrupts, knowing when to use silence, how to speak with flow, when to speak slow or fast, there are tons of non-verbal things people pick up on. Problems that usually arise just from bad acting. So you need to find a good actor who does legit voiceovers, test your own voice if possible.... learning how to pitch my scripts into the mic is one of the most profitable skills I learned and it took 6 months of testing just to get good at.

    Moreso,most my best converting videos are 3-5 minutes long. 90 seconds is too short to tell and sell a story. You're going about this like most noobs do and I can guarantee you're gonna fail. Also, a lot of my high converting videos have ratios of 50/50 likes to dislikes. If you're selling a book or"system", a 50/50 ratio means you're doing a good job. If you'reselling something like software you really shouldn't have anymore than 10-15%dislikes.

    Here's an example of a well executed script from the writing to the acting itself:

    Again,you don't need a face in front of the camera. But your scripts need a human voice that can push emotional buttons exactly like that guy does.

    Your title doesn't need to be the keyword. The best way to write titles is find your main keyword. Then find 2 synonyms. Make sure they all have searches. Then combine all 3 words into 1 headline.

    So if your keyword is "how to cure herpes" you change the title to "HowTo Treat, Remove & Cure Herpes Easily". It also helps if you use parenthesis for clicks. Like "How To Treat, Remove & Cure Herpes Easily (My Story)". By adding "My Story" users are less likely to think it's spam and more likely to click. Just keep in mind there are hundreds of other ways to juice up titles.

    Complete waste of money. Videos rank from CONTINUOUS BACKLINKING. Even back in 2014 when you COULD rank videos with fiver, you still needed to order usually 1 gig a week until the video ranked and it was common to order 6-8 gigs just to rank 1 video. This is because Google responds to long, continuous backlinking much better than it does to a blast of whatever shit you bought. EVEN IF they said they drip fed their links you're still doing it wrong. You don't buy a specific amount of links. You start a campaign and keep building links (while tweaking the campaign) till a video ranks. It also looks more natural to start the links off slow, make them peak at a certain point then slowly drop off. It mimics a viral effect and when I ranked a lot of YT videos on G that's how I did it(using GSA).

    TBO it sounds like you're doing everything wrong. First, you shouldn't try to rank a video unless there's already a video ranking on page 1. That's a rule I follow 99% of the time. If a video isn't currently ranking for my keyword on Google and there are already videos for that keyword.... chances are 9/10 times Google's not gonna rank a YT video for that term.

    I'm not saying you can never target keywords that haven't already been ranked on page 1. I do that for local. I pump out hundreds of videos just so 10-15% can windup ranking. But the only works for local because the commission in local afford that type of sloppy, guerrilla marketing. The commissions Clickbank gives you doesn't allow you to be as sloppy. And you avoid this by targeting "video terms" that you KNOW WILL RANK on G because G has ALREADY ranked a video for that term.

    To do what you're doing targeting non existing keywords on YT that's a different model& system. It requires a different system and setup but I've spoke about itso many times I have no time to go through all the details.

    In short,you're doing everything wrong. You're doing typical old fashioned sloppy noob marketing. With no real system, precision or mastery in place. Cause even if you do rank your video 2-3 months from now (it takes videos months to rank)which you're not cause you're doing it wrong, the video won't convert. I started off the bat using voiceovers in my videos. So I had a lot more commonsense when I began than you appear to have. And considering how long it took me to succeed and eventually hit $200 days.... all the testing I did when I already had huge advantages like GSA, money, my voice, writing abilities,ability to sell..... all I can say is you have a looooooong way to go.

    If you need any personal help you can pm me your video. Just keep in mind if your marketing is as bad as I suspect I'm not gonna wanna help you. It'll take months for you to learn anything and I don't have the time. On the other hand if there are details I missed that you actually did right, and you have more commonsense than I'm suspecting you have right now, then I'll help you as much as you show me you're willing to help yourself.



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    IM all the way.
    This didn't work because your method is shit. I'm going to break down why its shit because I'm bored.

    1) Your video is a piece of crap. Photoshop captures? YouTube library background music? Who cares if it is in 1080p? It sounds like a bunch of images to music? Who would want to watch that? It sounds amateurish, it sounds boring.

    2) Your video is 1:34? That is fucking awful. YouTube ranks longer videos and the algorithm greatly favours videos that have people watching it for longer periods of time. It isn't about average retention rate (though that is also important) its more about time spent watching the video. You've greatly limited yourself with a short video. But of course it is short, you probably present no compelling information in there at all. It's probably just a sales pitch.

    3) Your onsite SEO sounds unremarkable but not terrible. But who cares if a video gets 6.6k searches a month. That is in Google. YouTube is not Google.

    4) You bought VIEWS? LIKES? Are you stupid? YouTube is smart and picks up on that shit and penalizes videos that try and game their system. You've shot your video in the foot.

    5) YouTube gives zero fucks about backlinks and Google gives very little attention to backlinks either when in comes to YouTube and cares far more about onpage signals and video stats. Google owns YouTube, remember. Google can see which videos are authorative within YouTube.

    6) The conversion rates of people watching a video then purchasing a product are very low unless your pitch is great. Your pitch sounds terrible.

    You can't just make a crappy video and then hope people will watch it. Even if your video was ranked highly, your shitty video isn't going to get you many sales because you pitch is extremely uncompelling and looks like a piece of spam.

    Shitty video + views does not = sales.

    High quality video + views = sales.

    You've completely suffocated your strategy from the start with your terrible video.

    Go back to stage 1 and make an amazing video people will want to share and talk about. Then you can think about ranking it.
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    Get Backlinks to the video..
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    Was going to post some tips but BreaknBrix and Windmill have expertly covered the crux of YT promotion. OP- they have both set you up with some gold nuggets of information, now it is up to you whether you want to roll your sleeves up and put some elbow grease into it, or quit as many newbies do when they realize IM is not a push-button money machine.

    Wish you best of luck