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    Does anybody know where I can find a Clickbank video case study that shows exactly the steps someone took from start to finish to make money on Clickbank?
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    ClickBank is just a well-managed/executed platform. It acts as a payment processor and an affiliate manager. When you know how to market and sell things online, you'll know how to implement CB for what you need. You should get started by reading about copyrighting, psychology related to marketing, some marketing theory, etc. This can all be found with Google and Wikipedia. I'm sure some experts here can link you to some specific resources that I personally don't have.

    A lot of the time, people get started right away with "how to make a squeeze page" and stuff like that, but they don't understand the underlying fundamentals which really drive that platform. If you don't know what you're doing, it won't work unless you're simply lucky.

    It has taken me years and years to actually get anywhere significant with ClickBank or anything else. I hope you really appreciate all of the subtle nuances that you have to learn before you can really bring in a stable income from things like CB marketing.

    Good luck!
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    Clickbank and IM is not about following 'exact steps' its about learning the basics and then trying different things, being creative and add your spin to create your own blueprint.

    If there was a simple step by step video to make money on the internet or clickbank dont you think everyone else would be doing it and everyone would be making money?

    Well only 5% of people who try make any money and only 1% make a signifacant amount. So no there is no simple step by step video to making money online. There is no simple shortcut!

    Also note making money online does actually involve a lot of work...just like a day job. The good thing though is unlike a day job youcan make money sitting at home and dont have to deal with all the hassles and politics that come with having a regular day job. Read, learn and take action is my advice.
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    Man, there is a wise head talking! I couldn't have put it any better. There is such a vast amount ot learn before you can start to comprehend how to make money in IM. If your looking for a quick video tut to show you how then frankly this is not a good sign for you.

    You need to knuckle down and start reading through this forum at the failures and success, past and present to even begin to understand the level of knowledge you will require to succeed.

    I am not saying this put you off - quite the opposite, just look upon this journey as a career and start to learn the ropes as you would a 'proper' day job. Stay well away from any 'paid' systems and check out the download section for ebooks on the basics, there are hundreds of great quality resources in there.

    Finally, start off small (but start!) - get yourself a domain and hosting and put what you have learned out there, tweak it as you learn more and experiement but for the love of god don't buy anything yet - get some experience and work hard before you start to spend any money cos those gurus are just lying in wait for ya!:)
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    There's many "case study" type examples giving the exact steps needed to succeed with marketing CB products. Just about every good clickbank ebook has such an example. Each following their own particular twist. Sometimes you have to read through a lot of fluff and hype, but the step by step is always in there.

    If you want to know a couple of good solid methods then both Yukinari and VitaVee on BHW have some really good tutorials. Search through Yukinari's threads to find his, and search for VitaVee on google to find his. Both of them teach very solid methods that have been proven to work.

    There are some basics though that are consistent regardless of any twists. As I'm always quick to point out (and someone else already mentioned in this thread), CB is just a platform to let vendors accept online payments and track commissions for affiliates. When you decide to get into CB marketing though, the "ClickBank" part is the least important. What you're actually deciding to do is become an affiliate promoting someone else's product. This is a time tested method to make money, but the key element is to choose the right product and promote it to the right market.

    Instead of looking for a complete step by step example of a successful CB marketing campaign, what you need to know is what the basic main steps are, and then find individual step by step explanations, tutorials, guides, etc for each of those basic main steps.
    So here's the basics.

    1. Niche Research. You have to locate a market in which people are looking for something AND willing to pay if they find it. (They don't necessarily need to even know themselves that they want or need it enough to pay.)

    2. Keyword research. You have to find out exactly what terms people are using to search for things in the selected niche. (This is especially important for SEO/SEP, but is also needed to help with writing your ads even if your doing direct promotions like FB, CL, etc.)

    3. Product research. You have to find a good product that solves a need or a want.​
    (1 - 3 are the most basic and must be done before anything else. Choosing the right product, keywords and niche will make the difference between success and failure. They can be done in any order, and typically will involve a lot of back and forth researching to find the best ones.)
    4. Choose a method to promote with. Website marketing with SEO & SEP (this also includes things like how to build a website, make a good landing page, write good articles, and how to do SEO.), Article Marketing, CL Marketing, FB Marketing, PPC Marketing, etc.

    5. Choose a method to generate traffic. You need your advertisement to be seen by as many people that you're targeting as possible. This includes both direct promotional methods as well as SEP. (If you have the right product, you make the right type of advertisement, and enough of the right people see your ad then you'll make sales.)​
    Any step by step ebook you read will contain each of those steps. Each one may show different ways of accomplishing them though. By knowing those main steps, now you can just go search through the forums looking for suggestions and advice on how to do each of those things, niche research, keyword research, product research, building and promoting websites, and generating traffic. As you learn about each of those things, keep in mind how they will each impact each other. For instance, when you start looking at traffic generation you might think "wow I can jsut buy 10,000 guaranteed visitors", but that type of traffic isn't going to give you any targeted visitors that might convert. Things just aren't that simple, lol.

    Anyway I hope that helps. Good luck.
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    My Method For Making Money With Clickbank:

    1. Choose 3 Similar Products From Marketplace In Clickbank

    2. Use Google Keyword Tool To Find At Least 3 Buying Keywords For Products, also check out products affiliate pages for more clues on the best keywords.

    3. Register a domain name and install wordpress plus the best SEO plugins

    4. Create a page on your Wordpress blog which is going to be your landing page; create a keyword rich introduction, then list the three products in order of greatness (you choose rankings) each with a brief review, include a link to a more detailed review page for each product which you will create later, include a link to each products sales page using your affiliate url.

    5. Purchase scrapebox blast service and forum profile backlink service, plenty on BHW or try if short of cash. Target the 3 Buying Keywords you found earlier as anchor text along with your landing page url.

    6. Create Detailed Review Pages on your Wordpress blog for each product, including name of product in your title, description and keywords.

    7. Use to create a newsletter signup widget for your wordpress blog, so you can collect a list of your visitors emails and also create offer emails to send your visitors content and promote other products.

    8. Create article posts for your blog and post 1 at least every 3 days to keep your blog alive, also spin the same articles and submit to article directories including a buying keyword anchor text link back to your landing page url.

    9. Just keep adding content and in time you should start getting visitors and signups, and hopefully eventually sales.

    Its a lot of work to begin with, but once its up and running you can easily work on 10 or 20 of these types of wordpress blogs.
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