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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by ThePost, Jul 16, 2009.

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    I've been trying to come up with a way that clickbank could convert using CL ads, And I'm just not really getting anywhere. eWhoring via CL ads makes sense. But how do you get people to buy an ebook via a CL ad reply?

    I know this is a sort of general question, And I don't want ur specific methods, I just want perhaps some help generating ideas. Or maybe just set straight that you can't really sell CB via CL anymore.
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    1st post but I've been lurking for a month or so. I've also been pushing CB products thru CL for about the same. Made 5 sales, only 4 from CC so I still haven't been paid. Not great, I know but here's my method: (lifted from BHW but with my own twist)

    Post an ad in the free section giving away something related to the CB product you are trying to sell. When they respond you say, "sorry its already gone but here's where you can get info on it for free." I refer them to my opt-in page where they can get a free introduction ebook in exchange for their email. You can make the ebook yourself or find a vender that has one available for their affiliates. Give away just a little useful info and show them where they can get a more detailed version at your hoplink. I'm still not sure how well the ebook is doing, only 1 sale has come from it. My other 4 sales have come from followup emails. I've been replying manually, in the first email I tell them to let me know if they have any questions. When they do ask questions I answer and include a bunch of related hoplinks.

    I also have them opted in, so I can always try to sell them something else related later on. I've only worked on this maybe 4 days a week for about 3 hours a day. Maybe it could do better if you scaled and automated.
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    My way to use craigslist to sell cb products is unlike the above method. First of all I select a good product and mostly a health related product or problem solver from the cb marketplace and get about 10-20 keywords using my keyword research methods that I teach online. I also target the forex market although it is saturated but luckily I have found out some good keywords that get good search engine traffic. Then I make 10 Attention Grabbing Headlines and 20 classifieds based on the keywords I use in my headlines. I repeat those keywords at least twice in the body of my classifieds. Then I post my ads on big cities where there are search engine spiders as well as people looking for new content and products. My ads get spidered within 24 hours and usually rank high in search engines. I do it every day and monitor my results after a weeks campaigning. If you post a few ads and expect you will get the results, you are wrong. In internet marketing you need to dominate the niche for bigger profits. So to recap, I would advise make a wise keyword research, create profit pulling ads that attract attention as well as spiders and then keep doing this work with as many variations in your content as possible in your ad content. You may use free blogger blogs to redirect to your affiliate links or use subdomains for the same purpose.