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    I am fairly new to CB, so I have a few questions that I would appreciate being answered:

    1) Does CB or its interface allow you see how many "hits" you get to your hoplink? Is there a way to view this somehow?

    2) Do people normally market the hoplink CB provides or create their own domain (with their targeted keywords) and market that? If the latter is common/true, my question is: How can I get the CB affiliate page on the domain I choose to market?

    For example, suppose a vendor has a site called: amazingfitnessdotc0m

    I choose to market an affiliate page with that company under: greatfitnessguidedotcom

    How do I get my affiliate page onto that? (Maybe a noob question)

    3) How do I create a review page?

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    1) Yes, click analytics under reporting.

    2) Some promote from a site, some promote the hoplink. It depends on the traffic method. For example, you can't SEO for just the hoplink.

    3) Errr, write a review of the product/service and publish it.