Clickbank Launchjacking done wrong?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by vegas23, Mar 22, 2013.

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    First things first, I'm a bit of a noob to clickbank but I keep getting the JVNotify emails so thought I would give it a try. I started this last Monday 11th March and the product launch was Thursday 14th March.

    Niche was Internet/Mobile Apps.

    It's not been successful but everyday's a school day and I've already got some ideas of what to do better for next time, but I would appreciate some advice from anyone who has had some CB success.

    What I did:
    DAY 1
    Bought domain at godaddy
    Built basic 1 page WordPress 'review' site and wrote a 600 word review based on the pre-launch info. This content was 100% original, NOT a copy of promo swipes or anything. It included a couple of text links to my hoplink and 2 images which also linked to the hoplink.
    Added site to G Webmaster Tools.

    DAY 2
    Made a slideshow-based video, with me talking over it, and uploaded to YouTube. Linked to my site in the description.
    Bought some Wiki backlinks and Social Bookmarks from BST and pointed them at my site.

    I'm ranking on page 1 for ProductName and ProductName review, I've had around 200 page hits and 46 views on YouTube. Not massive figures I know but as it was my first time I'm reasonably happy with this.

    However I've had no conversions :(. Now I wasn't expecting millions on my first go but SOMETHING would have been nice!

    So next time I'm also going to upload the video to Vimeo and Dailymotion, upload the slides I made to slideshare and scribd and make some web 2's and article links.

    Any other advice would be gratefully received.
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    You haven't done nothing wrong.
    The product was crap and there weren't any big affilaites pushing it through email lists etc.
    When there's no traffic, there's no money. :)
    Just repeat, eventually you will get successfull with this.
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    Alright as Nargil said if it's a crap product or some new dude with no connections and nothing your launchjacking ain't gonna work. You need to look for upcomming launches by people with a proven trackrecord who probably got a lot of connections to promote for him already, because he has some credibility built up by a former product or products.