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    Hi BHW fella's
    I'm kind of new to IM,i've been a bhw member a while ago and tried few methods,i worked with cl and linked with affiliate dating site,and whne i reached 650$ and some tips i asked for a payment,then a day after that my account got suspended i sent them a mail to explain me what happens and they reply saying that i was doing fraud leads(wich is not true) saying that i was clicking my own affiliate link,so i was kind of frustrated and i just got demotivated so i forgot about doing IM.And now im back wanting to try some new stuff.

    So i have some 6MO of mails,and i want to know what is the best affiliate to work with,is it CB or CPA?And what is the best way to convert those emails?let me tell u that those emails are not targeted for a type of market,i just extracted them but i think that i can convert some of them because i have a huge list(more than 500k mail) i was thinking about choosing a popular cb product and just send them to my hoplink directly from the email im going to send,but i need advices because i dont know much of clickbank and the way it goes, hope to hear some good and bad comments,every comment is welcome,all i want is learn from my mistakes and keep going forward.thanks