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    Clickbank made me a lot of money back in 09 when I first made a run with IM but the market environment is much much different now. I used to use adwords traffic on product names and had a domain that would redirect to the product page. This method no longer works because its against terms of use I believe and adwords its incredibly expensive.

    I am now trying to use white hat techniques to rank a site to convert organic traffic, however I am looking for some insight on the effectiveness of clickbank monetization these days before I invest large amounts of effort it takes to rank a site this way. Especially in the dating niche..I am wondering if infoproducts are still popular and don't have a negative rap by now. I mean sure it means researching the product and promoting well converting landing pages, but still, dropping 40-100$ on an info product with a 60 day guarantee is something I dont see a lot of people believing in anymore, especially after a lot of exposure to the typical scammy looking sales letters promising the world.

    Is it still as good? Is it not as effective as it used to be but still worth it? And how hard or worthwhile would it be to make recurrent income on a site using white hat traffic generation on medium competition keywords in the dating niche with clickbank monetization?

    Thanks all for any musings
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    I think there are alot of factors that go into promoting a clickbank product that converts into long satisfied customers. The 2 main ones are price (making sure the customer get value for the amount paid) and over delivering (giving the customer what you advertised and ALOT more). Those 2 factors along with a converting salesletter or salesvideo work wonders and stop the refunding to where affiliates can make a decent living off of promoting clickbank products.
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    You just have to have a great product that delivers what it promises and that it helps.