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Jul 4, 2011
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Clickbank gravity is very much like the gravity that keeps us all on the ground - everybody knows what it is, but very few can actually explain it!

With this in mind I thought I would make a post to try and simplify it a little, as people are still being misinformed on exactly how it works and what it actually is an indication of.

Basically, gravity is an indication of how many affiliates have sold the product in the previous 12 weeks, and that's all.

So, how is Gravity calculated?

If an affiliate sells a product, the next day that sale will equate to +1 to the products gravity. If, the next day, he makes another sale, he will not contribute any more to that products gravity, it will still be +1. If he sold 30 copies the next day, he will still only have contributed a score of +1 to that products gravity.

1 is the maximum amount any affiliate account can contribute to a products gravity, regardless of how many sales they make.

If they then stop selling the product, the gravity he has supplied to that product will decrease slightly over the next 12 weeks. one day without a sale will mean the gravity he supplied to that product will be 0.96, 2 days 0.92. This continues at a decreasing pace until 12 weeks later, the grav he has supplied to that product is 0. If at any point during that 12 week period he makes a sale, he will be back to +1 again.

Nobody is exactly sure on the math involved on how fast gravity decreases after an affiliate stops selling it, all I know is for the first few days, it decreases by 0.04 of a point.

What high gravity does not guarantee

First off, high gravity does not mean a high quality product. There are dozens of instances over the years of products on clickbank that rose to a massive gravity in a short space of time, only then to get pulled for a violation of the TOS or high refunds.

It does not mean low refund rates either. I know several products, especially in the MMO niche, that have refund rates which are very high.

Gravity certainly does not mean the product converts well either. As many of you know, I have a few review sites for different clickbank niches and in most cases, the products with high gravity convert much worse than other products within the niche with a gravity of 5-50. That is not to say that high all grav products don't convert well, some are extremely good, but you are not guaranteeing high conversions by promoting a high gravity product.

What high gravity does guarantee

Competition. All high gravity guarantees for an affiliate, is he will be fighting against a high number of affiliates all trying to sell the same product - that's it.

What this ACTUALLY means

High-grav products usually have a lot of hype surrounding them and gravity climbs extremely quickly in the first few weeks of launch, so affiliates jump on board promoting it in their thousands, which increases the gravity of the product even more. Some of them will only make a sale or two every now and then, a few will actually do well and sell each day.

However, what they don't realise is that initial rapid rise in gravity is often just hype - vendors will sometimes even buy dozens of copies themselves through friends / family and privately refund them, in order to create the initial surge in gravity which attracts affiliates. Other vendors invest thousands of dollars in advertising to create the buzz.

In fact, a product with a gravity of 200+, is often outsold by products with gravity of between 10-50. Products in this range have much lower competition and are often much easier to sell, with some super-affiliates selling 50+ copies each day. What this means is, a product with a grav of 30 might be selling 500+ copies a day, whereas the 200+ gravity product might actually be selling around 100 copies daily.

So, when choosing a product, what gravity products should we start promoting?

My advice is to use one of the many free sites out there that track clickbank gravity. Look for products within the 5-50 grav range which either have a consistent level of grav over an extended period of time, or newer products launched in the last 1-6 months which are climbing slowly and steadily. Mancar487 has written a great guide on how to pick clickbank products to promote here:

I hope this helps, I've tried to make it as simple and as short as possible.
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Although this is known information. But very useful topic for new affiliates.
Great post! Loving all these newbie guides for clickbank lately.
I guarantee you that 10-20 gravity products DO NOT outsell products with 200+ gravity.
Great post, so gravity mean number of people are selling this product, high gravity mean many people choose it. I'm don't mind about it but i know vendor with gravity below 10 is suck, i've try one his website not even work
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