Clickbank Ebook Creation vs Novel Distinctions and Best Practices

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    I feel this may be a stupid question as its probably entirely subjective, however I will ask anyway.

    I am currently writing an ebook for clickbank and upon comparing other successful clickbank products vs typical books I read I notice a pretty apparent distinction.

    Clickbank ebooks tend to get directly to the point and be comprised of entirely to the point actionable advice. Theres no beating around the bush with humor, fluff, backstory, examples, etc.

    Whereas novel typically contain a lot of these things.

    Throughout my ebook I am including things like real life example stories, backstory, humor, explaining why other stuff is not good, what not to do, what to do, etc. Not as far as a novel (as its not an actual story obviously) but basically a mix between a novel and a typical (from what I've seen) clickbank product.

    I am just wondering if there is a specific reason why clickbank products are written like this and if its a problem to incorporate some of the things I am talking about?

    For example I wrote a like a page or two on "misconceptions about "x" topic" before getting to the actual "to do" part. Most clickbank products I see wouldn't do this.
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