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    I was reading the clickbank refund policy.

    Now I am speaking from a vendor perspective, not an affiliate.
    I understand the vendor sets a refund period. But also clickbanks says "ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any product within 60 days from the date of purchase."

    The problem is I don't see how the seller is protected. If customer decides to request a refund on day 40 then:

    1. You have provided them a service for free for 40 days
    2. What is to stop them from signing up to your service again and requesting a refund again?

    Would be grateful to hear some peoples opinions and experience with this.
    I am going through all the bits of getting clickbank set up but that's one thing that is bothering me in the background!!
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    Clickbank is useful for those days when we are getting their services.
    It is not a permanent source of getting views easily. It just a temporarily working service for advertisement. I dislike the clickbank services.
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    This is very true OP. In fact a lot of people buy the product (eBook), download it to their computer and request a refund.

    This is why I, as a vendor designed a membership course with weekly webinars and a piece of software for my members to use. this keeps them engaged past the 60 days and they also understand that if they refund, they lose all access to their software (which might have a lot of their work on it).

    Refunds are inevitable...but they 60 days is a bit much. I might move on over to JVZoo where it is only 30 days.

    I guess the bottom line is you are always going to have people who abuse the refund policy, no matter how good your product is. you just need to make sure you have the best product you can and sell volume.

    Hopefully they listen to the vendors and change this...but likely they shoved their clickbank badge down our throats