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    I am a Newb with tons of information in my arsenal from this gift of a forum. Also, I have reviewed the free videos being offered from HTA and I am excited about the information and feel like I need to jump on this affiliate marketing gig. Currently, I am highly interested in starting with clickbank especially considering the amount of success I have been hearing about from people here.

    Okay, so to the point at hand. I hear that the best approach is to create a site with a similar name to the product I will be promoting and create a squeeze page. Sound great, but I want to start a little smaller than that. Of course, unless I am advised otherwise by all you amazing people (Not sarcasm! I actually feel blessed to have found this site and the knowledgeable people willing to share priceless insight).
    My idea was to start with clickbank affiliate marketing and play the PPC game. Now I know its all about tracking and monetizing what works and what doesn't. I'm basically here trying to get a better direction at a couple of things.
    Keep in mind I am new and looking for cost effective measures to apply. However, if someone proposes the right technique that I can apply and receive somewhat immediate results then it will be a no brainer and I will do as you say. Of course, as long as you speak from experience.

    P.S. want to get out of the 9-5 grind, so any input would be appreciated.
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