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    Scrapebox is an awesome tool, but now that so many people are using it, I think the value of the links generated through commenting are diminishing. Checking the links created, I see that some of these pages now have hundreds of Scrapebox comments!

    However, I think Scrapebox is so powerful that it still has awesome potential - we just need to start thinking outside the box, and using it more creatively. So who has got ideas on clever things to do with Scrapebox?

    To get the ball rolling, this is what I am doing with Scrapebox to get Google juice from existing Yahoo backlinks:

    1. Use Google only to harvest a nice big block of Wordpress blogs

    2. Use Yahoo Site Explorer to get a list of links to your target site, as seen by Yahoo.

    2. Export the URLs as a TSV file (max 1000, unfortunately).

    3. Open the TSV file in Excel, then save the URLs only as a text file

    4. Load up the text file into Scrapebox as the 'websites' file, and do a commenting run

    We know that all the harvested blogs are indexed in Google (that's how we found them), so those pages are likely to be crawled again later, and our links picked up. So we achieve several things:

    1. We get a lot of these backlinks indexed in G, if they aren't already
    2. We also get more of our own URLs indexed in G, when G follows the links
    3. We build backlinks to our backlinks, giving them more authority

    That's a triple benefit for the whole site...all at super-fast Scrapebox speed.

    Works fine for me. Any other ideas, anyone?

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    I have done some testing with BE and have not noticed any positive impact from these links - actually negative impacts. I'm thinking that Google is starting to determine relevancy more so than I previously thought.

    Sorry, can't think of any tips at the moment. Perhaps because it's 2am. I'll be back...