Cleanfiles like shit !!!! Banned member so funny .

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    Today my account in cleanfiles is banned so funny . Last day ,my account earn 80$ money just with 20 click ( france offer very highly $ ) . I just thinking "I'm lucky " . But in Forum CLEANFILES have a topic " Supicious user " .It just a topic of member create.Most Pepple was reported to banned . Haha admin so stupid . I think so . Because admin view topic and banned without reason :)) . May be in future you will banned members with your stupid :))
    So I just create this topic to warning all people want take part in Cleanfiles . May be someday you will be banned :))
    P/S : I was be banned with reason :

    1. Most likely, your account was banned for illegal or fraudulent activity. In such a case, you were emailed with a report of of the fraudulent activity found in your account.
    2. You may have uploaded too many files that were against CleanFiles Terms of Service.
    3. Your account may have been found idle without sufficient activity. Accounts that do not login for 60 days are removed.

    1.What type I fraud ? You show me . My lead is reserved or somelse?. Why you don't show me ? or Just banned with report by people
    2. no
    3. no

    Cleanfiles preforms frequent fraudulence scans on user accounts. These scans analyze your clicks, leads, and visitors determining if your downloads are being made from real people.

    Unfortunately, your account has been scanned and found to be highly fraudulent. As a result, your account is going to be completely removed from Cleanfiles. All future payments, including any that are currently pending, will be cancelled and will not be sent.

    You can reply to this email in response to this scan. These actions will generally not be reversed. If you want to appeal this scan, please include a detailed explanation of how you drive traffic to your website and/or Cleanfiles links.
    What do you scan ? j0ke .
    End , I will find another network , because Cleanfile like shit with banned is kidding =))
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    I think this is the reason for the ban:

    Translation: Tell us your method so we can duplicate it and cut you out completely.
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    I don't know the whole story, but all I can say is move to CPA and replicate what you were doing with PPD.
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    I really don't know shit about cleanfiles, but having the burden of proof on the publisher like that is pretty standard practice. When a network suspects fraud, there's no "innocent until proven guilty"... the pub has to be able to prove that the leads were legit. Ofc this should be clearly stated in the terms (and usually is).
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    Its a lounge topic not shitlist