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    I recently posted a method that helps with people whos ads get ghosted, and wanted to go into a little more detail. If you offer services in your city, and you post your number in the for sale section, most likely you get flagged alot (probally almost instantly) So heres what you do.

    Lets say you sell tv's and you advertise and get instantly flagged. If you want to get plenty of business and piss the flaggers off at the same time, follow the steps below:

    1: Pull up a notepad

    2: Create a good detailed title line and include your phone number in it

    3: Copy the title you just created and paste it 9 times (total of 10 ads)

    4: Create a unique ad for each one and type under them

    5: pull up cl on 3 different pages (one for account page, one for posting, and the other just to check on your ads from time to time on the for sale page)

    6: Post the first ad, then wait 5 minutes and post the second ad and so on.

    This way you will always have fresh ads, and it doesnt matter if they flag you or not because everything they need including your number will be in the title line. And yes you can post the same title without being ghosted as long as the ad is different (i have been doing it for months, and can prove it to anyone who dont believe it. This will piss off the flaggers and even slow them down because every time they flag an ad it shows right back up on the top. This method has increased my calls tremendously since i started doing it this way. Hope this helps someone.
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