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    I'm looking for someone who can post nationwide, mainly CA, and TX in the paid jobs section. It will be 1 post a day to start with, scaling up in the weeks to follow. It will literally take you 5 minutes, and must be done by hand.

    What I provide...

    • The Credit Card Number to pay for the post
    • The Phone number to create the PVA
    • The Title and Ad content
    • $5 per ad that gets posted (paid ads don't ghost)
    • Pay per post is negotiable
    What YOU provide...

    • The fresh IP per post
    • Create the PVA
    • Post the Ad
    This is the process

    1. Log onto Skype, AIM, Yahoo etc. everyday at 8pm Central time.
    2. I send you a text file with the information
    3. You use CCleaner to clear computer
    4. You create the PVA, I send the code when needed.
    5. Pick the city, post the ad, fill in the CC info
    6. I log into the account see the ad is grey, or green
    7. I send the money PayPal right then.
    We have to be online at the same time so I can send the PVA code. I like to create the account with the same IP that's posting. I can do this JV with multiple people. The credit cards are prepaid and I can dispute any transactions with them or paypal. I WON'T disclose any of my sources so don't bother asking. Check my itrader, or my post in the CL section. I'm a good guy to work with. Ask around. Contact me via messenger to work something out!