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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by cucr3, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Hey everyone, I am looking for someone that I can trust, who I can JV with and post on CL. I have the ability to post up to 100+ ads a day all across the country and they stick.. I have IP addresses, PVAs, private SMTP server to respond to many emails, CLBOT, and everything else to post successfully on CL. The only problem is I can't convert - well. I used to do easy things like ewhore and jobs, but now those are all dried up. I know a lot of basic methods (ie, teeth whitening, acai, biz ops, etc) but I am hoping you will have a better twist on them than me, or a better idea all together. This might be appealing to someone outside of the US. So yes, part of this is to getting my brain flowing with new ideas, but I am not the type of guy to take your method and run or post it here to get a rep and thanks.

    Please have a respectable reputation here and speak good English. 50/50 is the split, but that can be discussed. If you are good with methods/ideas, I am part of a network with 100+ BH friendly offers so we can combine your idea and my offer - high paying ones too! Questions and comments welcomed.