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    Oct 21, 2014
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    As an Amazon affiliate, anything that's purchased within 24 hours you get a commission on. Is it the same for cj.com? Not the time frame, I know cj advertisers have different time frames for sales (usually 7-30 days), I'm just interested if you get commission for every purchase they could make. i.e. I send them across for tv but they don't buy that, they buy a dvd instead. Do I get commission on the dvd sale?

    If I want to promote a particular product or a particular website, how do I know which affiliate program to join. i.e. hp could be with cj.com or another affiliate company. There's lots of affiliate companies, is it best to sign up to several?
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    there are ton of tutorials available here on BHW , try to read .
    secondly do some Niche+review research and see what comes up with how much competition