Chin up and let's screw G all over again

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Johnny Blaze, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I've read all the threads about the new algo change and most of them are really demoralising.

    And I can feel the dissappointment of webmasters after seeing a massive drop in traffic.
    I'm personally affected as well. All my #1 keywords are dropped to page 10 n above n lost 80% traffic and got a huge zero adsense click yesterday! Fuck!!! And I can foresee losing some of my main SEO clients soon..

    But hey, this forum is where i learnt SEO and to be honest, it has improved my life tremendously.
    So lets not all get panicky and jump down the building. I feel linkbuilding is still the main factor in ranking sites, only difference is how do we make it look NON SPAMMY

    Do we add a variety of anchor text, preferably in the hundreds?
    Do we not ping them? No more profiles, no more 1 post wordpress blogs? No spun content?

    Why not all of us sit down, shave up n do multiple testing and see what works?

    Like most here, i checked some of my top keywords before they are dumped out of page 1.
    What i will do now is study the jokers who is sitting pretty in my place and do some test of my own.

    I urge the rest to do the same too and update each other on their findings.
    Since Gstring employees might be lurking in this forum as well (Hi Matt!!), its best if we can share n discuss our findings in members only section in bhw

    We cracked the code before. Let's crack it again:cool: