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Apr 5, 2008
Hi there,

i read that carding has been a topic here and there and BHW, so i want to ask you something.

I work for an online shop and we have a new customers from London. He orders every 3 to 4 days in the amount between 1,000 and 2,000? and pays online per Credit Card. Not the expensiviest things but not the cheap ones, most 10 to 20 Products about 100 to 130 ?. He called me often at work and told me that he is CEO for an insurance company in London and wants to give presents to his employees.

He always want his items wrapped as gifts.
Things that are suspicious to me:

- He always want the items quickly
- He paid 80? for shipping via Express
- He asks often for the tracking code

I had many fraudulent people at the phone but this one is not like the other. The ones until now, always wanted the expensiviest products from 400 ? upwards. I called the CC Company to check his number, and they said it is a good card.

I don't know if i should trust - today he ordered for 3,000? and i don't know if i should send it to him or not.

Do you have any advices to find out if it is a scam or not?

Thank you!
as long as his money processes and clears fine, I dont see what your issue is here?
It is temporary. If it is a frauded cc, the real owner will just do a chargeback and we have no money and items. This is the problem.
yeah, CEO of companies usually buy for 40,000$ for a present to their employees. And usually its a stupid clock/pencil with the company name on it --. I hope you hadn't sent the item?
Your shop have direct cc paying? I think it is bather for you to put for payment method just verified paypal ...Because people can buy cc on internet for 1,5$ each ...But verified paypal is more more expensive and if they buy one verified paypal hi will card something like ebay not your site ... If you ask why verified Paypal , this is because they can attach cc for 1,5$ on one fake paypal account , but they can't verified them , and they have limit to 500$....
Put thanks if this could help you xD
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