Cheapest mobile verification for roadblocked accounts


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Dec 2, 2009
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Getting 500 non PVAs roadblocked and requiring Mobile Verification leads to having to spend $1000 on providers asking for $2 for the validation. Is quite an investment.

Any better option?
$1 per phone numble me if u need help.
hii buddy just contact me dude i can get this done for you no issues
Are you aware that you can verify many accounts with the same number?
I have about 15 present accounts plus another dozen or so that have been deleted by FB all registered to the same PAYG untraceable sim.
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Sorry no permission to send PMs yet.
The accounts were definitely not deleted as a result of the phone verification. I am a member of several anti racism groups and mass reporting by neo-nazis resulting in deletion of the account is a regular occurrence (facebook seem to rely on quantity rather than content of reports). A couple of the accounts verified using the sim are very old and still active but not in volatile groups so don't get reported. Without fail, the more volatile the group the more likely you are to suffer deletion. Nothing to do with the phone verification.
I have also registered several accounts on the sim in a couple of hours with no problems.
I think roadblocked account need image verifications too and its not easy to do. If its asking just phone verification its 1$ per phone number
i can buy you simcards from Philippines for $1 each. never used simcards.
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