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Cheapest and Easiest Instagram Bot?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Lukeeee, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Lukeeee

    Lukeeee Regular Member

    May 3, 2015
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    I have my personal account where on I followed a lot of people once. They became inactive and I want to unfollow the 3000 I'm following. After that I want to simply follow by keyword. So I will only use it for my own account.

    Is there an iMacros for this or is there a cheap, but easy to use bot for this? Thanks.
  2. loshara

    loshara Power Member

    Apr 24, 2015
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    Hi man! welcome to the instagram section :)
    so far, from my research, the cheapest one I've seen is FollowLiker. it comes out at $47 no tax. you can also use some website based bot like instagress, etc. the thing is the cost in the long run will exceed that of a bot and you don't have control over settings. hope that helps :)
  3. splishsplash1

    splishsplash1 Power Member

    May 7, 2015
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    just use crowdfire, you can unfollow 100 people every hour. it's free but manually though
  4. tompots

    tompots Elite Member Premium Member

    Dec 11, 2011
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    Custom Software Developer
    Home Page:
    We don't have an iMacros script, but we do have an Instagram software. The MB Ingram Edition and the MB Ingram Advanced Edition are our IG marketing softwares that have been under development for the last 3 years. It's two advanced bots for one price, and no monthly fees. Here is a list of settings and functions.

    MB Ingram Edition Settings and Function.

    1. Follow based on key words
    2. Like based on key words
    3. Comment based on key words
    4. Mass unfollow
    5. Save and load settings indiviually
    6. Multi account software
    7. Master delay
    8. Random delay
    9. Wait before next request
    10. Wait before next page
    11. Set your user agent
    12. Stop the bot app
    13. Pick a random key word
    14. Pick a random comment
    15. Automation rest
    16. White and black list
    17. Advance comment editor
    18. Automation succession mode
    19. Follow, like, and comment in succession
    20. End succession follows
    21. End succession likes
    22. End succession comments
    23. Stop at succession total
    24. Save to custom setting path
    25. Mulitple instance compatable

    MB Ingram Advanced Edition Module 1 Settings and Function.

    1. Follow from list
    2. Like from list
    3. Unfollow from list
    4. Comment from list
    5. Comment on, up to, 20 images per user
    6. Like up to 20 images per user
    7. Remove complete users from list
    8. Automation succession mode
    9. Automate same user mode
    10. Follow, like and comment on the same user
    11. End succession follows
    12. End succession likes
    13. End succession comments
    14. Stop succession total
    15. Custom settings path
    16. Advance settings
    17. Pick random comment
    18. Automation rest
    19. White and black list
    20. Advanced comment editor
    21. Delay settings
    22. Master delay
    23. Random delay
    24. Wait before next request
    25. Wait before next page
    26. Stop the bot app
    27. Set your user agent
    28. Multi account software
    29. Multiple instance compatability
    30. Proxy support

    MB Ingram Advanced Edition Module 2 Scrape Bot Settings and Function.

    1. Scrape users following
    2. Scrape users followers
    3. Scrape popular page users that liked
    4. Scrape by keyword users that posted
    5. Scrape by keyword users that liked
    6. Scrape my feeds users that posted
    7. Scrape my feeds users that liked
    8. Scrape not following back
    9. Scrape I dont follow back
    10. Scrape my liked users that posted
    11. Scrape my liked users that liked
    12. Scrape liked my posts users that liked
    13. Save and load settings individually
    14. Master delay
    15. Random delay
    16. Wait before next request
    17. Restart when complete
  5. killwinter

    killwinter Newbie

    Aug 7, 2015
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    I agreed with Followliker!
  6. duceduc

    duceduc Supreme Member

    Aug 23, 2014
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    If that is all you need and will be using for 1 acc, I would go with MB Ingram. Follow Liker would be the next choice.
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