Cheap Xrumer Blasts Lead To Massive Dead Links

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by godhat, Mar 15, 2012.

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    I bought a bunch of cheap Xrumer blasts a year ago. I just pulled the old text file I got from the service provider that verifies all the links. I remember looking at it back then and all the links were legit and working. Now I pull the file and I randomly selected like 40 links and all are dead!

    I was planning to go back and drip ping the ones that didn't get indexed yet.

    It appears cheap Xrumer blasts lead to massive dead links. You would think this would be common sense but I never connected it back then. It's because they use very poor/weak websites and forums to spam to and most of those websites end up dead or end up deleting it eventually because they get spammed to death and finally do something about it cause they notice the problem.

    Similarly the webpage I did the Xrumer blast for, back then shot up to page 4 for the keyword I was using for it. I was pretty impressed back then! Now I went all the way out to 14+ pages and it's nowhere to be found for that keyword. Not sandboxed or removed, just not relevant at all.

    Thought this info might be useful to some that are considering Xrumer blasts. And maybe others with more experience could chime in on their thoughts.
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    Here's the problems:

    1. Spam posts in forum threads tend to be deleted quickly.
    2. Inactive user accounts get pruned/deleted which kills profile links.

    xRumer links are good, but one should not depend on them for long-term ranking potential. Instead of idling your link building efforts for your page after doing the xRumer blast, continuing the link building efforts would have likely solidified your ranks and left you less vulnerable to the natural loss of backlinks that occurs for many sites.