Chargedback Paypal, Received this email...

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    This scumbags told me, "sorry, I can't help" you when I contacted them 3 times, so I charged them back.

    Here is the email I received...(they actually think I will "cancel" the charge back!

    We recently received notice from your credit card company that you filed a
    chargeback stating that the merchandise you received had one of the
    following problems:
    - It was damaged or defective
    - It was not as described, or
    - Services were not rendered

    Please review the details of the disputed transaction below and the steps
    for what to do next.

    Transaction Details

    Seller's name:
    Seller's email: [email protected]
    Transaction ID: DELETED

    Transaction date: Feb 5, 2010
    Transaction amount: -$265.00 USD
    Case #: DELETED

    Your transaction ID: DELETED

    What To Do Next

    If you received the merchandise after filing the chargeback or mistakenly
    initiated this chargeback, please follow the steps below to cancel it: 1.
    Log into your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Center.
    2. On the Transaction Disputes page, select Open Disputes from the
    drop-down menu and locate your transaction.
    3. Click the Cancel button under the Action column for your transaction.
    4. On the Chargeback Details page, click the Cancel Chargeback button.
    5. Complete the steps to confirm that you are canceling this chargeback.

    If you wish to continue with this chargeback, no further actions are
    required by you at this time.
    Due Dates


    Other Details

    We appreciate your business, and thank you for your patience and
    cooperation in helping us with this matter.


    Chargeback Department
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    Paypal always send you an email few weeks after you do a charge back better be careful tho when i did mine a few months later they brought it back up for some reason and made me pay the person back even tho i provided proof that the item i received was bad :/