Changing up your affiliate marketing strategy while climbing the SERPs

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    I posted this over at the Warrior forums and thought I'd post here too in case some of the white hat guys may find it useful.

    This maybe common knowledge and more common sense than anything, but should serve as a good reminder in your affiliate marketing efforts.

    Today I experienced first hand the sheer power of google and how it's infamous dance can really affect your affiliate campaign strategy.

    Google is of course still the major player in SERP traffic generation and the ultimate dictator of the success of your SEO efforts. Currently my very new Clickbank affiliate 'sniper' site is ranking number one in both Bing and Yahoo for my keyword, but my daily traffic from these sites is next to negligible compared with the 487 available visitors I could be getting daily if I held the same position with the Big G.

    Over the last few weeks I got a little over zealous while testing my new link building method and managed to fly right over Googles radar. I went from ranking in position 12, right down to position 95 for building a lot of high PR one way backlinks too quickly (obviously looking a little too authoritative for Google to believe it). So, it seems I am on Big G's punishment chair for an undefinable amount of time (possibly months), before my history and trust should throw me back to my rightful place.

    Funnily enough though, page 10 in Google is still generating me about 25-30 visits a day (horrible compared to what I was getting before) but traffic is traffic and I need to maximize this even moreso now, to still be making some money while waiting to rank. The following concept, which is very obvious but very often overlooked applies to any new site, especially in high competition markets.

    I naturally (as most do) created my niche site around an offer of a nice high gravity high converting clickbank affiliate product. And it was a ripper, converting at about 3% when I ranked on page two in Google. What I noticed, now being on page 10, was that over the course of 2 weeks, with over 300 unique visitors, I had not made a single sale.

    Sometimes we are too busy looking at numbers and assessing conversion rates and optimising our pages that we often overlook the very simple concept of putting ourselves in the minds of our potential customers. What 'dawned' on me when I was initially puzzled about my 0% conversion rate, was that due to the very quality and high conversion of the product I had logically chosen to promote, my visitors (with a problem to solve) had most likely come across this very same offer a vast multitude of times in their 10 page journey through the SERPs to come to my site. Logically speaking, my 400 visitors, were 'the unconverted', the one's who had passed up on my chosen offer by probably about mid page 2, trawled through another 8 pages of the same offer and were still (desperately I would assume) looking for an appealing solution to their problem.

    I can imagine the frustration they must have felt by the time they hit my site!

    So, the simple solution was to 'act as the searcher'. I Googled my keyword and picked a few random sites on all 9 pages and wrote down the various offers. I then went to clickbank and found an offer completely different from the others, high priced with very low gravity. My thinking was that if the customers are that ready to buy by the time they get to my page, a simple presell of this comparatively more expensive and possibly even inferior product would still bring in some cash to spend while in the sandbox. And sure enough it did. $160 over the last fortnight.

    So if you have a new site and are still on the long pilgrimage to page one, or if you find yourself in the same situation as me (as many new sites do), resist the temptation to pick the best offer at first. Instead, go for a very unique offer that is far from the obvious choice for your niche. This will work well with clickbank products, amazon products and if you're feeling lazy, even adsense to get some CTR. Think like your potential customers and stay away from the great offers until you're the site everyone's seeing first - Then watch the big money roll in.

    Happy marketing
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    this will only works on certain niches. not all niches are responsive as other niches.