Changing internal 301s to new domain 301s - need expert advice

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    I implemented 301 redirects in April on an old site that I bought. I changed the URL structure and did internal redirects because of that and of course to redirect incoming link equity to matching pages. I did a complete overhaul, added a lot of content and that resulted in 700% traffic increase. I now rank #1 for a major kw, the most relevant for the site, kicked wikipedia to #2. I was kind of shocked by the results...

    Anyway... The thing that now bugs me is the domain name. I never particularly liked it. It was chosen a bit awkwardly by the previous owner - it uses "4" instead of "for" in it.

    Since I didn't count on traffic to increase that much I didn't bother with a new domain name when implementing 301 redirects. I thought it was going to stay a small less important site in my portfolio. Now that changed. I want to grow the little monkey further, make it a bit of a brand and give it a better domain name.

    I figured since I am about to do another set of 301 redirects for 2 reasons:
    - moving to https
    - I bought a 2nd matching site and am going to make 301 page to page redirects
    I may as well change the domain name and be done with it.

    This means I will change internal 301 redirects that I put up in April to point to a new domain behind https instead. Plus I will 301 redirect the newly bought site to this new domain.

    The thing that bothers me now is the age of the new domain vs. the old domain.

    The new domain will be freshly registered, a few days old.

    The old domain is 16 years old.

    Will Google treat the new domain the same IF I enter both domains in Search Console and mark the Change of Address (next to proper 301 redirects, or course)?


    Does that not change a darn thing and Google will first sandbox the new domain and it will take a few months before I see the old ranks again?

    What do you think?

    I am asking this because that's what happened to 2 other small sites I redirected in May, yet I didn't use the Search Console's Change of Address on them. Their traffic came back eventually, though. I don't want to see that scenario for this site. I saw people redirecting and their daily traffic trends didn't change after a redirect. I want that.