Changing Google Related Searches

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by charto03, Sep 28, 2012.

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    In my experience I have only had a few cases where it seems like this broken area of Google has actually worked. With low search volumes we have been able to have blog posts about 3 different people posted on numerous blogs followed by a small sample size of searches about the topic ran over a two month period and than "VOILA" we have seen the related searches at the bottom change (only temporarily).

    Now my question to the BHW members are have you or do you know of any concrete way to change and alter the related searches at the bottom that is working today? I have an interesting example for everybody to check out:

    Google: James Holmes

    James is that nut job shooter in Colorado that made the top headlines around the world. Of course autocomplete is adjusted right away but if you look at the bottom the related searches have nothing to do with that at all. In fact as usual they are almost irrelevant and make no sense. Can you tell me whats going on with that?