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changes in the behavior of search engines

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by billygood, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. billygood

    billygood Senior Member

    Sep 21, 2008
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    OK folks, I am a happy white hat SEO and wanted to share something that would be of interest to those that are trying to formulate how to stay on top of google.

    the keyword for this topic is: Skygrabber

    Please note that last week you would have pulled up multiple sites with fixed points and reviews. but as of today, you'll note a huge difference.

    the number 1 site is still there, but the rest are being moved around like crazy and you'll also notice that it's mentioning how many hours ago it was posted (or updated )

    Now how do we capitalize on this:

    rather simple, since every website that is created with SEO in mind has an rss feed associated with it, you need to make that huge, also you need never to abuse it ( if you add new content ping otherwise your weekly ping is just fine ). Upon finding that your keyword phrase becomes hot, you need to create content quickly, your first course of actions is as follows.

    a) Create a new page with some quick bullshit content
    b) ping everyone,
    c) get real content created
    d) Ping everyone again.
    e) get more content and try to make it 2 times as much as before
    f) move old content down
    g) post new content with a link to the old
    h) ping everyone again
    the first to pings can be 1 hour apart, the next ping should be 2 hours or more ( give the web crawlers time to catch up
    i) make a summary report of everything in the news and have it posted at 6 am
    j) wait about 30 minutes and then ping the world

    you just took a top ten slot for that day and most likely the second day if you followed these basic steps.