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    hello there,

    i have started a website. something like affiliate advertiser service.
    there is mass pay involved in the website..
    and it uses paypal api.
    unfortunately paypal mass pay is disabled for asia-pacific region.

    so i want to change to alertpay.

    this is the code.

    can any 1 tell me what to do?

    i'd prefer if any1 can rewrite the code and just tell me where i can replace with my api password and username and api end point..

    i do not kno PHP fully. still learning, this code is way beyond my ability.

    im just a newbie. dont have enough money to hire a freelancer.


    at admin - i tried submitting the code, but it said i cant add emails or stuff. didn kno wat to do. so attached the rtf file. i hope thats not violating ur terms.

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