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    Hi all, I am a fairly new member here and am enjoying reading through the forums.

    I have been actively in the online marketing for offline business game for about a year. In that time our business model was primarily focused on building, ranking and then leasing local exact match domain niche sites in our nearby markets.

    The ongoing Panda updates and now Penguin have put a bit of a wrench in the reliability of that process as half of our leased sites took some form of hit from Penguin on April 25th. With the ones that didn't suffer a rankings drop we're obviously fairly nervous to point any SEO activities at them in case Google's next update broadens the SEO backlash even further.

    One of the new clients that approached us just as Penguin was hitting was a Solar Installation firm who has offices in several major centers nearby. They were intrigued by our site leasing / ranking model and the fact we don't charge until the leased sites are ranking on pg one for the target keyword terms.

    We did discuss some other lead gen stuff like webinars, autoresponders and so forth and they seemed intrigued but the primary focus of our discussions were on leasing high ranking sites. We have yet to present them with a proposal because we don't feel its in our best interests to invest in building out a series of new sites in the hopes we can get them to rank well in this uncertain SEO environment.

    At this point we'd like to re-approach them with a some other effective online marketing options that don't rely so much on Google's changes. I was hoping that some members here might have some experience in this sector and could share their ideas.

    I guess the challenge I'm having in pulling together and pitching a proposal that focuses on that more comprehensive marketing approach for this client - and our need to diversify away from just rankings and SEO - is knowing exactly what to offer that is going to actually generate reliable results for the client and then how to facilitate it effectively.

    With the SEO model we've been running - obviously it fed right into the average business owners traditional mentality of display advertising where they easily understand that they will get calls if they are are on pg 1 of Google for their primary search terms just like they would if they had a prominent ad in the phone book and / or newspaper a few years ago. There is a predictable and expected continuity built in month after month, it's easy to outsource the necessary articles and content creation and our staff in the Philippines have run with the design, implementation and ongoing work quite efficiently.

    Now we have done our fair share of free reports, email marketing, online video, press releases, lead gen webinars and so on for our own businesses and so we know that there is obviously a lot more up front development costs to the client and a level of marketing sophistication that they would need to be educated and "sold" on first.

    That's actually not the stumbling block I'm wrestling with in my head, we do a lot of education based marketing already.

    My concern is once a client does agree to roll the dice and give it a stab, on our end there is the unknown factor of finding the right mix of market, message and medium for their particular business niche so that we are able to deliver on their expectations of more leads and more customers for their considerable investment.

    From there, finding copywriters who can create compelling content for the free reports, email, press releases etc., pricing all of the services and then adding in an appropriate continuity piece would all need to be factored in so we can generate a proposal that we are comfortable that we can deliver on.

    Being a noob to offering this sort of marketing service, does anyone have any experience, suggestions, advice and / or resources that you could direct me towards that might help shed some more light on my concerns over creating and delivering much more complete online marketing campaigns such as this.