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[Challenge] Journey from the Ground Up!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by bingading, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. bingading

    bingading Registered Member

    May 23, 2011
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    trading and membership sites
    I have only been part of BHW for a few months now, and i have categorized everyone into 2 groups... The Wanters and the Makers. Wanters always want and the others MAKE it happen.

    I do well financially outside of IM as well a membership site that that makes me a decent amount of money. And that is actually what this thread is about...

    I Posted on another thread about some of the success i was seeing and my skype and pms were flooded by people... People that said good job now this is what you should do to scale up (THE MAKERS) and by people that said "i wish i could but this, this, and this is the reason why i cant" (you guessed it, the WANTERS)...

    as i read BHW i see more and more people not wanting to take action... so that is the purpose of this thread... i want to challenge myself to go from nothing to something... understand i am doing this for my entertainment, and maybe even yours.

    i will be bringing on the role of a young individual with nothing details below:

    1. 23 years old
    2. only have drivers license ( or state id)
    3. 0 dollars
    4. no bank account
    5. mooching my parents internet and pc.
    6. no experience
    7. no hope lol :eek:
    essentially turn this into this[​IMG]

    let me answer this quick question i know i will get... no, neither are me haha.

    im not doing this because i need the money... of course i want it but i wanna try to prove anyone can make the green paper if they TRY!

    i will try to keep a day to day update. i hope people wont get mad that some of the methods will have nothing to do with IM, but this is about making money not excuses... i will try anything to make money, and become successful.

    i wont do anything fancy that only experienced people know how to do. i will try to give exact steps.

    wish me luck... i will update soon! i hope this turns into a productive thread...
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  2. jamesh23

    jamesh23 Newbie

    Jun 10, 2011
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    in, im interested in following your progress, just dont be like some others and start this and only update for a day or two and than just stop making us all think well? wtf lol did he make any money?