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    Ok...so i have acquired a emd name of a member of a band thats pretty big right now.

    the emd keyword gets only 3k a month but the actual band gets 450k a month...

    anyways I put wp on it and put a couple of videos and pics that from the kw and that was it...

    so i am on pg 2 of google and getting traffic.... not much to the site i actually need to stop being lazy and make a decent site out of it.
    thats only one kw throw it in there with the actual band name and i think i could rank pretty well pretty easily

    anyways was thinking about putting on flippa to maybe score some quick cash....or do you think i should wait and see if this person blows up with fame.
    and if so what do you think it could escalate to.....

    i wonder if celebs get there managers and people to get websites for them and pay out ridiculous cash to get it....wouldnt that be cool
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    Is the site making any money? If not then it isn't worth much. You'd be quite lucky to break even after paying Flippa fees and transaction-related costs.

    Not really. Most of them do heavily defend their trademark, though, so if your site is in any way profiting off of their identity (and gets popular enough) then a cease and desist letter, or in some instances a lawsuit, is not unheard of.
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