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    Hey there, since there is no shortage of threads here every day by
    those who are new and eager to learn about making money online, I
    thought I'd write up something that might be helpful to new members.

    Now I'm by no means an authority on IM, but nonetheless I'd like to
    share my thoughts with you. When I joined this forum, I was really
    excited to start on my own journey. What follows is a summary of
    what I've learned so far.

    First, if you're thinking that you're going to be able to make money
    online without putting in any effort at all when you're starting out,
    then you might as well forget about it right now because you have to
    put in a lot of time and effort when you are starting out.

    Whenever I go through the Making Money section and read about a
    method, I always try to compare the method with fishing, because it
    becomes easier for me to understand the method when I try to relate
    to it in terms of fishing, which is one of my favourite hobbies.

    A good fisherman knows the best places to fish in. So the next time
    you're reading about a method, think of the lake as being the niche.
    The two most important questions you then need to ask yourself are:

    1. How many fish are there in this lake?
    2. How many any other fishermen are already fishing here?

    If there are many fishermen on the lake then that simply means that
    the method I'm reading is most likely heavily saturated. But you have
    to compare this with the number of fish you think there are in the lake
    (the niche).

    Because if there are, then there's every chance that you are going to
    succeed provided that you're using the right hook (more on this later).

    Now that you've found a lake where you want to fish, it's time to check
    your equipment. This is where the "Internet" part of Internet Marketing
    comes into play. What you need is a fishing rod. Think of this as all the
    tools that you need to be able to fish, whether it is a domain, a website,

    This is also where I see many who are new to IM make their many of
    their mistakes. I certainly did when I was starting out. You can spend
    a thousand dollars on a high-quality fishing rod, but if you don't know
    where to fish or more importantly how to fish, you're going to lose
    your investment.

    So it's important to remember that you don't need a fishing rod with
    all the bells and whistles to begin your IM journey. In fact, it's better
    to start with an ordinary fishing rod in the beginning.

    Another point here is that if you have technical skills such as web
    development, you can -build- your own fishing rod. And if you are
    really good at it, then you can build and sell your fishing rods to

    But once again, understand that there's no magical formula that'll
    turn you into an expert fisherman just because you have a thousand
    dollar fishing rod in your hands. It's only part of the equation.

    Second, there's an expression in English: "hook, line and sinker"
    This is where the "Marketing" in Internet Marketing comes into
    play and personally, this was the hardest part for me to grasp,
    because before joining BHW, I had abysmal marketing skills.

    Let's talk about these in the reverse order.

    Now that you have your lake (niche) and your fishing rod (tools),
    you need a good sinker. Essentially, if you don't have a sinker,
    your hook is just going to float on the surface of the look, or it's
    going to take ages to sink down to where the fish are.

    Imagine that, you with your fishing rod sitting on top of your boat
    in a beautiful lake full of fish. And here you've cast your line but
    your hook is just floating on the surface. Gosh, doesn't that make
    you feel stupid?

    Think of the sinker in terms of your SEO skills or your skills to make
    yourself known to the fish in the lake. If you don't have a good sinker,
    then you're not going to a catch that many fish at all. So whenever
    I'm reading about a method, I try to think about how good the sinker
    is that the OP is using.

    An important point is that you need to make sure your sinker is going
    sink down to the depth where the fish you want are swimming. Think
    of this as being the difference between driving general traffic to your
    site as opposed to targeted traffic. What you want is to be visible to
    the fish that -you- want. Those fish that you know are going to be
    attracted by your hook.

    Next comes the line itself. If you get a hold of a big fish, then your
    line might break when you're reeling that sucker in. I like to think of
    the line as being the means of monetization that is being employed
    in the method. For example. Adsense, PPD, PPI, CPA offers, etc.

    So basically, if your fishing line is not suitable for the fish you are
    trying to catch, you're going to lose those fish even if they initially
    bite on. I learned this the hard when I was trying to monetize adult
    traffic using CPA networks whose offers had nothing to do with what
    my fish were after. In hindsight, it seems a like a silly mistake, but
    at least I learned a lot about how the horny fish swim, so to speak.

    Finally, you need a hook. And not just any hook, you need a hook
    with bait on it that's going to be absolutely irresistible to the fish
    you're after. And this, my friends, is the hardest to master of all,
    and one that I'm still learning about. Your hook and the bait on it
    is going to be what's going to get your fish to bite.

    And for me, this is also the most fascinating aspect of IM, because
    I get to learn about what makes us tick. It offers an insight into the
    psychology of human beings. Your only limitation here is going to be
    your own conscience. For example, you can a make boatload of cash
    in certain specialized areas of the adult niche, but on the other hand
    will you be able to sleep at night knowing what you're doing?

    This is where you find out whether you are a wolf or a sheep. And I
    really hope that as you're done reading this and stare at your own
    reflection in the screen, that you see yourself as a wolf. Because I
    like to think that I am in the company of wolves on BHW, and not
    fucking sheep.

    With that said, do you really feel like posting one of those "Hey, how
    do I make some $$$?" threads? I should think not.

    See you on the lake, partner.
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    HAHA weird... I worked as a fisherman on a Norwegian Longliner for 15 years, and now doing internet marketing...coinsidence..? I think not..hehe